Improve. Enhance. Protect.

Safety/Security Films

Decorative and Privacy

Solar UV Control

Improve Security

The performance of safety tempered or laminated glass. Our films offer increased protection from the unexpected:

  • Pass Inspection - When selling your home, those windows the home inspector said need to be 'safety rated/tempered’, can easily be coated with a Category II film. Must less expensive, time consuming and faster than replacement. We are certified, and provide the safety stamp home inspectors and appraisers want to see.
  • Increase Safety Inside and Out - Concerned the kids might fall into glass and be seriously injured? Another great reason to have safety film applied…..holds the glass together and keeps shards from falling into the room.
  • Protection - Smash & grab theft? Safety film can slow down unwanted intruders and make your home or business less of an easy target for burglars.

All of these benefits, while also reducing 99% of the solar UV and comes with a lifetime warranty. Safety films are available in clear, tinted, or obscure.

MADICO - Solar/Security
JOHNSON - Solar/Security

During storms, earthquakes, accidents, forced entry, or blasts

Glass can shatter and potentially do serious harm. Safety / Security films can hold glass together under the most extreme conditions, minimizing injury to those nearby, both inside and out. It’s convenient, permanent, and most importantly a more effective alternative to boarding or taping up your windows.

Beautify Your Space

Stand out and be beautiful: Choose from a variety of attractive styles for a fraction of the cost of etched glass. We are only happy when we know you are completely satisfied.

Increase Your Privacy

Stand out and be beautiful: Our day privacy tinting allows you to see out while providing privacy, as long as the volume of light on the outside is greater than than inside. Our opaque films can give you privacy day or night, and most restrict very little, if any, daylight.

Improve Your Security

Beautify Your Space

Increase Your Privacy


"I and our team can't thank you enough for your top notch service and superior value for the dollar. I recommend you to all our clients and many other Realtors looking for great contractors. You are prompt in your response and always on time."

Fred Owen

D'Ette and Company
Keller Williams Alaska Group

"We were very pleased with the service Eagle Glass Enhancement provided for Neeser Construction on our large commercial building project. The products and installation for our exterior glass enhancements were very high quality and provided an excellent solution for our needs."

Glenn Kolberg

Neeser Construction, Inc.

Project Superintendent

"I'm a general contractor out of Palmer, AK & I have used Eagle Glass Enhancement for numerous remodel jobs over the years that require safety film on certain windows. Barbara & her staff are wonderful to work with & very efficient. I highly recommend these ladies for any of your safety film needs."

Lon Haley

Haley Homes

“Eagle Glass Enhancement has become our go to supplier for specialty and decorative glass films. Barbara has always been helpful and responsive in helping us find the right product or application to meet our customer's expectations. Their scheduling has been generally without problems, and workmanship is always excellent. I'm glad to recommend them without reservations.

Jim Stonebraker

Neeser Construction, Inc.

"I have been very happy with Eagle Glass Enhancement over many years. I and very happy and would heartily recommend them to my friends and clients"

Mike McLane

"We have always been pleased with your quality, service, and pricing... We look forward to working with you again on future projects, and have been recommending you to our clients."

Jassen Michael

Bauer Construction

"I am happy to say that Eagle Glass Enhancement has always done quality work at both the Robert B. Atwood Building and the Linny Pacillo Parking Garage. We have also received positive responses from each of the departments in those buildings, as well."

Brian Flynn

Senior Property Manager/Associate Broker

"BlueCrest Energy is really pleased with the design and outcome of the film enhancements on our interior glass panels. I will definitely recommend Eagle Glass Enhancement to anyone looking for glass enhancements."

Bruni Warrick